Lifestyle Centre, 225 Mt Glorious Rd
Samford Valley Q 4520

COVID Policy

Our COVID Access Policy

Respect. Transparency. Compliance.

We are legally bound to comply with a government directive regarding cafes and the COVID vaccination status of individuals.

We do *NOT* wish to participate in such a divisive policy, however we also do not wish to jeopardise anyone’s health, and we wish to show respect to all.

Respect to the fully vaccinated, and/or immune-compromised or others who may have medical exemptions re vaccination, who do not want to be at increased risk by being seated next to individuals who aren’t vaccinated, as the likelihood of COVID spreading through our community increases.

Respect to those who choose not to be vaccinated due to whatever concerns they may have around this process.

Respect for our business and not wishing to jeopardise that. Respect for the government decision making in managing this pandemic.

In turn, we ask for your respect. Please be polite with all of our staff. 

Please understand that we do not like this situation either – we are doing the best we can to manage it in the best possible way for all individuals – you (regardless of vaccination status), our staff, and our business.

All Visitors

From 17th December 2021, proof of COVID-19 vaccination is REQUIRED for entry to the main café area.

Please do not attend our venue (until requirements change) if you aren’t prepared to accept that we need to check your vaccination status and see proof of vaccination.

Please be honest with us about your vaccination status. If you wish to attend for dining in, and have unvaccinated members as part of your group, please call to book on 3289 3550 and we can set aside one of our 3 areas that comply as being private hire venues. 

Unvaccinated Visitors

While you may not be permitted to be seated in our main café area, government regulations do allow you to attend our café if you are attending a private-for-hire event in a separate area of our cafe and density restrictions are adhered to.

We have a number of private function areas that comply with government regulations, but these must be pre-booked for a minimum of 30 minutes and a maximum of two hours. These are the back room of our cottage – up to 3 people; Whole of cottage – up to 11 people; Gazebo near playground – 2-3 people.


To Book:

  1. Call the café on 3289 3550 or use our online booking form. Let us know that you or a member of your party who are over the age of 16 are unvaccinated and wish to pre-book one of our special function areas.
  2. Our special function area hiring fee is $10 per half hour plus food/drink costs, with a maximum of two hours per booking.  We apologise for these added costs. These fees cover the costs associated with staffing these locations, reserving the space for your group, and thoroughly sanitising between groups as well as meeting the government requirements of a private-for-hire venue.
Cafe COVID policy