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Art@Cafe Lagarto Beverley Bird

Art@Lagarto: Beverley Bird

At Cafe Lagarto

Enjoy the intricate and colourful leadlight artworks of Beverley Bird exhibiting at Cafe Lagarto, Samford.

Art Exhibitions are held in the Cafe Lagarto Cottage. Pop on over and enjoy!


(If the cottage is shut, ask one of the team to open it for you).

I am a local glass mosaic artist and tutor from Eatons Hill where I create and teach this art form from my home studio.

I have been exploring the medium of stained glass for 11 years when I took a lead lighting course, something I had always wanted to try. Although I loved the craft, I found it to be too limited and precise for my impatient nature and I wanted to try and create more painterly effects with glass.

I discovered that mosaics could be so much more than carefully placed little blocks of colour or broken china which although beautiful, didn’t give me the results I was hoping for, so, I started experimenting with ‘brush strokes’, shards of glass, hand-cut and shaped to give the impression of paint.

This process takes many hours, a detailed piece can take months to finish but the process is incredibly rewarding, and I still prefer this technique, and this is the way I teach my wonderful students to mosaic, many of whom have been coming to classes for many years and are talented artists in their own right.

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Lyla Fleming and Siobhan, two of Beverleys’ students, are also exhibiting their mosaic artworks alongside Beverley’s at Cafe Lagarto.