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Experience the lovely nature paintings of Karen Woolnough at Cafe Lagarto

Art@Lagarto: Karen Woolnough

At Cafe Lagarto

Experience the lovely nature paintings of Karen Woolnough at Cafe Lagarto

Art Exhibitions are held in the Cafe Lagarto Cottage. Pop on over and enjoy!


(If the cottage is shut, ask one of the team to open it for you).

After a successful career in education, teaching mathematics, Queensland artist Karen Woolnough, has revelled in the freedom to pursue her life-long passion for the arts. Throughout her life she has spent many hours with binoculars observing Australian wildlife with a special interest in native birds.

When a move away from the daily classroom commitment gave Karen the opportunity to follow her artistic dream, it was not surprising that birds featured prolifically in her works. After several years focusing on the intricacies of watercolour a move to acrylic on canvas opened up new avenues to explore. She combines her love of both media continuing to create small watercolour works in addition to larger acrylic works on canvas. She moves with apparent ease from each medium adapting to the specific techniques required for each.

Her Scarborough studio, overlooking the ocean creates a perfect ambience that allows her creativity to blossom and grow. Always observing, and always developing her creative skills, she paints prolifically. Her original greeting cards, portraying wildlife, are always in demand, along with a huge selection of Art Deco designs. Her canvas works not only reflect her love of birds but also of children and animals at play. She demonstrates an eye for detail of pattern in the landscape as well as an attention to details in fabrics within her compositions.

Karen has twice been exhibited in the Redcliffe Art Society’s Exhibition of Excellence.