Lifestyle Centre, 225 Mt Glorious Rd
Samford Valley Q 4520

Vida Fiser is exhibiting at Cafe Lagarto, Samford during November - December 2021

Art@Lagarto: Vida Fiser

At Cafe Lagarto

Explore the vibrant abstract, still life and nature artworks by Vida Fiser, exhibiting at Cafe Lagarto in Samford.

Art Exhibitions are held in the Cafe Lagarto Cottage. Pop on over and enjoy!


(If the cottage is shut, ask one of the team to open it for you).

A love for art, painting and artistic expression, in general, has always been a part of my life. There is a great joy in completing a painting and in capturing a subject in a way that carries emotion and meaning to me. An even greater sense of achievement however is when I am able to give that experience to others.

Art will never leave two people feeling the same but a powerful artwork will not leave you untouched.

I enjoy painting abstract works, nature, still life as well as urban scenes and landscapes. I hope you will enjoy my paintings and that you will find in them your own meanings.