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Saturday Night Jazz with Leena Salim Trio

BOOKED OUT: Saturday Night Jazz: Leena Salim Trio

At Cafe Lagarto

Relax and enjoy the first of our monthly Saturday Night Jazz evenings with the Leena Salim Trio.

$15 per person cover charge

~ This event has now booked out ~


Cafe Lagarto will kick off it’s new monthly event ”Saturday Night Jazz” with the gorgeous Leena Salim (Trio) on Saturday 26th March 2022. Join us for an evening of Live Jazz music, Cocktails, Charcuterie boards & Cheese platters, in an open-air setting lit by fairy-lights.


About Leena Salim

Born to the sounds of Singapore, Leena Salim’s childhood home was filled with songs from the transistor radio. A woman with a mission, her rise to stardom has been one filled with the challenges of overcoming her cultural origins and making her voice heard in a modern world, determined to break the stigma surrounding female and ethnic constraints.

Now based in Brisbane, Leena’s voice has evolved into the mature, soulful, elegant resonance of a modern-day jazz vocalist, harking back to the likes of Barbara Streisand, Shirley Bassey, Ella Fitzgerald and Etta James.

Platter Menu

All Platters Must be Pre-ordered by 4pm the Thursday Before the Event.

Platters are not available to be ordered on the night


Cheese Board – $55 – serves 2-3 (GF)
A selection of 4 cheeses, including aged cheddar, double-brie, Swiss-style, and your choice of a soft goats cheese or a creamy blue style. Accompanied by selected gourmet crackers and dried fruit.


Anti-Pasto Platter – $65 – serves 2-3
A delicious selection of marinated olives, semi-dried tomatoes, stuffed baby-capsicums, Bocconcini cheese, marinated Mushrooms & Fetta, shaved Prosciutto, sliced salami, sourdough chunks with dipping oil & house-made Dukkha.


Charcuterie Board – Serves 2-3 $70
Mouth-watering combination of cured meats and house-pickled vegetables.  Slices of house-made marinated roast beef and leg ham; Prosciutto, truffled salami, hot salami, and pancetta, dipping sauces, and grissini.


Dessert Platter – Serves 2 $15 Serves 2-4 $25 Serves 4-6 $35
Random selection of cakes and sweets cut up into bite size pieces for the whole table’s tasting pleasure. Please note this platter can be ordered on the night and will vary depending on what the chefs and baker have prepared during the day.



Cocktails & Mocktails (MO) for Saturday Night Jazz

Batida Rosa  $19.95 (MO $13.95)
Traditional Brazilian Cachaça, freshly squeezed lime and pineapple juice with a dash of grenadine served in a tall glass with ice. Topped with a splash of soda water and hand-picked mint leaves.

Fresh Lime Margarita  or Chilli Margarita $21.95
Each consisting of Blanco tequila, triple sec liqueur and freshly squeezed lime juice only difference is the lime margarita ends here and is served in a glassed over ice rimmed with salt. Our chilli margarita is shaken with our house-made chilli syrup and poured over ice into a rimmed glass w chilli flake salt to knock your socks off.

French Martini  $21.95
A combination of vodka, fresh pineapple juice and the French raspberry liqueur, Chambord. This cocktail is shaken with ice then double strained into a martini coupe glass so you can enjoy the rich creamy topping with every sip!

Lagarto Martini $21.95 (MO $13.95)
Summer sweetness made with vodka, lychee syrup, fresh lime juice and a dash of vermouth, shaken over ice with hand picked mint from our herb garden. Accompanied by two sweet lychees.

Zingy Zesty Gin $21.95
Zesty goodness made from Citrus gin, freshly squeezed orange & lemon juice & crisp tonic water poured over ice and stirred together with a fresh stem of rosemary hand-picked from the Lagarto herb garden.

Espresso Martini $21.95
A cold coffee cocktail made with a shot of freshly brewed espresso, vodka, Kahlua liqueur and a splash of baileys for that rich creamy flavour. Served in a martini glass with 3 friendly coffee beans.

Mojito  $19.95 (MO $13.95)
Sweet, limey, minty, and sparkling Mojito, made with crushed lime juice, mint and Brown sugar mixed with white rum, topped with soda, fresh lime slices and hand-picked mint leaves

Cosmopolitan  $19.95
The classic sweet and tangy cosmo. Chilled vodka, triple sec and fresh cranberry and lime juice is shaken with ice, and served in a martini glass with a twist of zest on top.


Something sweet and creamy before you leave

Baileys Over Ice $15.95
Ireland’s famous creamy liqueur served over ice.

Affogato $17.95
Served in a chilled coffee mug with two scoops of vanilla bean ice cream, fresh espresso and your choice of ether kahlua or baileys


*Please note that it is a condition of our Liquor Licence (Ancillary-Food Business), that alcohol is served with food. Therefore it would be appreciated if all tables wishing to consume alcoholic beverages at our Saturday Night Jazz events could also enjoy at least one of our delicious platters.


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